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General terms and conditions of sale ? Janitorial Supplies 

1.GENERAL All orders are accepted on the terms, conditions and exclusions herein contained. These terms, conditions and exclusions (either taken as a whole or in any part or individually) shall not be varied, nor shall their application to any order be excluded or limited in any way whatsoever, except as agreed by us in writing, all special requirements with regard to marking, labelling, packing etc. must be agreed in writing.

2.?The Company? shall mean Principal Hygiene Ltd and ?The Buyer? shall mean the other party in the offer, verbal or written quotation or contract. Transactions are made at the discretion on of the Company. Clerical errors and omissions are subject to correction without notice.

3.PRICE Prices quoted are those ruling at the date of; quotation, as shown in our current price list and or as shown in our Online Shop www.principalhygienesupplies.co.uk  and shall be subject to revision if increases in cost or other circumstances arise. We reserve the right to change our current price list without notice. Prices quoted exclude Value Added Tax, Sales Taxes or any similar Taxes which will be charged additionally to the Buyer at the rate ruling on the date of dispatch.

4. TERMS OF DELIVERY a) Dates for delivery are given in good faith and as accurately as possible, but are not guaranteed. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for any delay in performance of any order by reason or in consequence of force majeure or of any matter or thing outside our control including but not limited to labour troubles, civil commotion, natural catastrophe, government restriction, shortage of supplies or customer?s instructions or lack of instructions. Account Customers; We shall have the right to dispatch any portion of the goods ordered and we shall be entitled to invoice the customer for such dispatched portion so that for the purposes of payment each portion shall be deemed to be a separate contract and may be invoiced separately. Online Customers: Goods purchased online are pay in full at point of commitment to buy. We shall have the right to dispatch any portion of the goods ordered as they come into stock.  Should the Buyer notify us of inability to receive or store goods ordered or should the Buyer fail to give us adequate delivery instructions when required, the goods will be stored at the Buyer?s risk and expense. We shall be entitled to supply the goods immediately upon receipt of the Buyer?s order or as soon thereafter as we think fit, irrespective of any date which may be specified for delivery thereof. b) Where the Buyer orders goods for delivery by installments each delivery shall constitute a separate contract and the Buyer shall not be entitled to refuse to take delivery of or refuse to pay for any instalment on the grounds that a previous installment was defective or otherwise. c) Unless we otherwise agree in writing our carriage terms are as quoted on confirmation of order. The cost of delivery of goods below any minimum value we may impose will be charged to the Buyer at our discretion.

5. PROPERTY IN GOODS Until the Company has been paid in full by the Buyer for goods supplied by the Company, such goods remain the property of the Company although the risk therein passes to the Buyer at the time of delivery (subject to the provisions in Clause 3(a) herein relating to storage of goods at the customer?s expense), and the Buyer shall indemnify the Company against any loss or deterioration thereof or damage thereto, and without prejudice to any other remedies, the Company may repossess those goods at any time from the Buyer, and for that purpose the Company, its agents and servants may enter any premises upon which the goods are situated. In the event of the Buyer reselling any goods delivered to it by the Company before the Company has been paid in full, such part of the proceeds of such resale as are equivalent to the price at which the goods were invoiced to the Buyer by the Company shall be held by the Buyer on trust for the Company and shall be placed by the Buyer in a separate account so as to be identifiable as being in the beneficial ownership of the Company. Further, the fact that property in the goods remains the Company?s until the price has been paid in full shall not prevent the Company from maintaining an action against the Buyer for the price of the goods.

6. NOTIFICATION OF LOSS OF, OR DAMAGE TO, OR NON DELIVERY OF GOODS Claims for damage to or loss of goods in transit must be submitted in writing both to us and to the carrier (if appropriate) as follows: -

 a) In the case of non-delivery of the whole of any consignment or of any separate packing forming part of consignment - within 3 days of the date of dispatch shown on the invoice or advice note (whichever is the earlier). 

b) In the case of damage to or partial loss of the goods or shortages from packages - within three days of delivery. The goods received must have been signed for as damaged or incomplete. Failing which we shall not be liable in respect of any such claim and the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in accordance with the contract complete and in a satisfactory condition. In no case shall the Company?s liability in respect of claims for damage to or loss of goods in transit extend beyond an obligation either to repair or replace free of charge any such goods or (the election to be the Company?s alone) to pay to the Buyer up to the invoice price of the goods in respect of which a claim is made, and in neither event shall the Company be liable for consequential loss, damage or expense howsoever arising.

7. GOODS DISPATCHED Goods dispatched may not be returned unless prior agreement has been made by the Company. Where the buyer has incorrectly ordered goods, the Company reserves the right to charge a 20% handling charge to cover clerical and other expenses. all goods must be in a re-saleable condition i.e. undamaged, in their original and undamaged packaging, unused and complete with all tags and labels attached, and returned to the Company carriage paid. Any damage on returned goods shall be the responsibility of the Buyer. Refer to our returns policy at the bottom of any page on our website www.principalhygienesupplies.co.uk 

8. PAYMENT TERMS Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be made at the net invoice value, without any deductions, upon receipt of a pro-forma invoice or credit card at time of ordering. Failure by the Buyer to make punctual payment shall entitle us to suspend any outstanding deliveries, or to cancel the contract so far as it remains unperformed at our option, and without prejudice to our rights to claim for the price of goods already delivered or manufactured at the date of cancellation, and for loss or injury occasioned thereby. 

9.PAYMENT TERMS ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Payment terms cannot be superseded or set aside in favour of the Buyers payment terms unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Company prior to dispatch of goods. Late payment charges will be applied to accounts that exceed our 30-day terms of payment. The company reserves the right to make a late payment charge of £40 plus 8.5% of the overdue amount under the late payment of Commercial Debts Regulations for any invoices not settled promptly.

10. FOL (Free on Loan Dispensers); Toilet Rolls, Hand Towel, Hand Soaps & Sanitiser Dispensers can be supplied FREE ON LOAN provided the customer commits to buy the relevant dispenser refills for a minimum period of 24 months.? A 12 commitment should be agreed in writing before purchase.  Failure on the part of the Customer to purchase all refills from Principal Hygiene Ltd will result in the Customer being charged for full cost of dispensers plus engineers cost of install and removal.

11. WARRANTY AND EXCLUSIONS a) We undertake that the goods delivered to the Buyer will be of the described technical specification and the Company?s duty to the Buyer relating to the quality of the goods delivered shall be limited wholly and exclusively to the duty to deliver goods of the aforesaid quality. Save as aforesaid any warranty or conditions, statutory or otherwise express or implied, whether oral or written as to quality of the goods or their fitness for a particular purpose are excluded. b) The application and use of the goods is the absolute responsibility of the Buyer. Any other advice and information provided by the Company, whether verbally, in writing or by way of trials or tests, is given without warranty and the Buyer shall be deemed to have carried out his own tests to ensure the suitability of the goods for his intended purposes and applications and the Buyer shall be deemed to have placed no reliance on any advice, information or data provided by us. c) The Buyer must give us immediate written notice containing full particulars of any claim that the goods are not of the proper quality to enable us to investigate the complaint before the remainder of the consignment of goods is used or returned to us. We shall not be liable for any defects in quality in the absence of such immediate notification and, in any event, our liability hereunder or in the case of any other breach of contract or misrepresentation shall be strictly limited to the invoice price of the goods proved by the Buyer to be of defective quality or to be such as to cause us to have been in breach of contract or guilty of misrepresentation and shall not extend to consequential loss of any kind howsoever arising. d) Warranty periods and terms shall be limited to those that are offered by the individual manufacturer of the goods.

12. CONTRACTS NOT ASSIGNABLE This Contract is between the company and the Buyer as principals, and is not assignable without our written consent. 

13. INDEMNITY AGAINST INFRINGEMENT OF PATENTS AND RIGHTS The Buyer shall indemnify us against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which we may be liable as a result of work done or goods supplied in accordance with the Buyer?s specification which involves the infringement of any letters patent, registered design, intellectual property rights, proprietary process or otherwise.

14. GOVERNING LAW This contract shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the Buyer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

15. INSURANCE we do not accept any liability for consequential loss.

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